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“I employed Ms. Liselotte Kragh as the architect for our new custom 5300 SF Medina home. The construction cost was approximately one million dollars including the dock. Ms. Kragh did all of the design work and obtained three complicated variances. In addition, Ms. Kragh acted as project manager and oversaw the construction from demolition of the old home through all phases of construction. The home was a large project and the final product is fantastic. Liselotte Kragh is one of the most competent people I have dealt with in my real estate career and the project has received lots of compliments.”
— Stephen Grether

“My husband and I bought a run down, single story Queen Anne house … with a fabulous view. Before the house was even purchased, I knew we'd need an architect to help us turn this small disaster into our dream house. On a recommendation, we selected Lotte and Abita Studio and have been thrilled with our choice. Lotte gave expert advice on flow, materials, and methodology and I always had her personal, undivided attention. Lotte made very important contributions to the design including the placement of nested stairs in the middle of the house for ease of access (something I notice and appreciate every day) and a fete of logistical brilliance combining structural integrity, maximum view enjoyment, balance, and light to the front of the house. Most importantly, she let the house be my vision. Lotte is uniquely capable of working creatively with clients to bring their dreams into reality.”
— Leola Ross

“Liselotte Kragh is a brilliant designer and architect; formally trained both in Europe and the United States, Liselotte is in tune with modern concepts and innovative design that reflect each of her individual clients' personalities. Liselotte both balances and maximizes space and function, while keeping in mind both aesthetic and environmental factors. In working with her, I was very impressed by her impeccable style, and eye for detail, and would jump at the chance to work with, and for her, at any time in the future.”
—Erika Wittman, Consultant

“I have worked with Liselotte on several house projects, ranging from a complicated landscaping project to the design of smaller interior and exterior custom design features. I have been extremely pleased with the outcome of each project; in addition, I found the collaboration with Liselotte to be interesting and enjoyable.”
—Ann Duncan

“Putting an entire second story (three bedrooms and two bathrooms) on a house is a huge undertaking, and we knew we needed a great architect to come up with plans for the space that would both meet our needs, and our budget. I interviewed several designers and architects, and Lotte Kragh was hands down the best architect for the job. Not only was she knowledgeable and experienced - she brought a professionalism and enthusiasm to the table that made the potentially unpleasant experience of a near-complete tear-down and rebuild an exciting and enjoyable process. She planned not only a house for us, but a home that we can live in and cherish for a lifetime. The builders had high opinions of her and her designs, and worked with her on subsequent jobs; such praise from industry professionals does not come lightly. I have recommended Lotte to several friends, all of whom have reported exceptionally positive experiences with her and their own projects.”
—Jill Hoven

“Although Lotte had plenty of thoughts and ideas, she wanted to design the home that we were looking for. Not only did we feel she was a good listener, as well as a good communicator, she also was great at helping us process and figure out what it was that we wanted. She was very pragmatic and hands-on in her design, incorporating seamlessly many features that enhanced liveability. We asked Lotte to combine "East Coast" (more traditional) and "Northwest" (more modern, natural and open) elements of style, as well as retain some of the scale and feel of the house we had lived in for many years. We thought she did a fantastic job, creating plans that were creative, graceful and very functional. Having lived here for three years, maybe the thing I am enjoying the most about the remodel is the connection to the out-of-doors. Although largely shaded from its direct intensity, I feel I live every day aware of the movement of the sun across the southern sky and the beauty of the garden.”
—Carol Andersen

“We worked with Lotte on our second-floor addition and dining-room addition. Our two major concerns were assuring that these additions didn't look tacked-on and working within our very tight budget. Not only did Lotte achieve these two goals beyond our expectations, but she found us our incredible construction team, project-managed for us when we were out of town all summer, and designed us a house that receives frequent compliments from passersby and guests. She was a pleasure to work with through all the stages of the process; we most appreciated her impeccable taste and judgment, her attention to detail, and her intuition about what we wanted and needed. We continue to be impressed by the wisdom behind her design choices as we live in our new house and are grateful to her every day for what she has given us.”
—Rachel Maiorano and Steven Garlid

“Lotte Kragh served as both architect and project manager for our house project. It was an extensive remodel that required, due to structural constraints, an almost complete rebuilding of our home. The result is a sound, strong and elegantly simple house that is made of beautiful and durable materials in a style that pleases everyone who enters or even passes by. Lotte was our advocate every step of the way, insuring that we got the best possible specialists and craftspeople for our money. I felt that she wouldn't have worked any harder if she had been building her own house. She was unfailingly professional, honest and friendly. I recommend her for your house project without any hesitation.”
—Patty Cannon

“Working with a good Architect before, during, and after a construction project, is not only important, it is necessary for success. Success, moreover, hinges upon the interaction and communication of the Owner, Contractor, and Architect in a very dynamic process. A process that requires team players whom you can trust. People that listen and communicate clearly to help you, the Owner, navigate the difficult, yet enjoyable and rewarding landscape of construction. Abita Studio does all of this with refined sensibilities to the needs and nuances of a symbiotic relationship required for a successful residential project. In fact, we have worked with this firm for nearly 5 years and look forward to many more enjoyable projects and clients.”
—Chad Sandnes, General Contractor, S2Builders